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Circum-Easy - Child

Dot The whole operation is simple, safe and painless. The surgery only lasts 3-5 minutes, free of scalpel and suture less, after which the patients can get rapid recovery, and does not affect the work and life;
Dot The redundant foreskin will easily fall off without scar and get reshaped and beautified;
Dot The "circumcision ring" promotes penis to erect frequently and constantly expand at night, in which the cell and tissue of penis is activated, resulting in secondary development;
Dot It prevents foreskin adhesions and reduces the chance of child's infected foreskin, relieving young parents;
Dot It prevents male UTI and makes it more convenience to clean the genitalia for children;
Dot It eradicates concealed penis of child and helps the healthy development of children’s genitals.
Dot Available in 7 sizes ( 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 cm), sterile, Individually packed.
Description Unit of Sale CAT No
1.1 cm 25 MED5231
1.2 cm 25 MED5232
1.3 cm 25 MED5233
1.4 cm 20 MED5234
1.5 cm 25 MED5235
1.6 cm 25 MED5236
1.7 cm 25 MED5237